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91st Toronto Apple Day

Apple Day is our annual Fundraiser where the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts canvas for donations from the community and give out apples as a thank you for their help.

Our Apple Day Fundraiser can only be a success with help from our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Thank you for agreeing to help with Apple Day on Friday October 18 and Saturday October 19.

We will be canvassing at 2 locations: the No Frills at Victoria Park and St Clair; and on the south side of Danforth Avenue, west of Greenwood Avenue, at the LCBO locations (and Tim Hortons on the east side of Greenwood)

Please plan to arrive at your location prior to the start of your shift. A 91st Toronto Scouter will be at the site to sign the youth member in, provide a donation bottle and a supply of apples.

Shifts are 1 hours and we are asking the youth member try to help out at least 3 shifts.

Check here to sign up for available shifts. We are looking for 2-4 Youth for each time slot at No Frills and up to 6 at the other locations so that we are covered throughout the day.

If you would like to make any changes to the times that you have signed up please email christmastrees@91sttoronto.com



LCBO/Tim Hortons at Greenwood and Danforth
Time Volunteers
6:00 pmAlton (beavers), Janis (cubs), Aksels (beavers), Warren, Hawkeye, David Gauldie, Lauris, Ken Wrigglesworth,
7:00 pmAlton (beavers), Janis (cubs), Aksels (beavers), Christopher Klianis (scouts), Warren, Hawkeye, David Gauldie, Ken Wrigglesworth,
No Frills at Victoria Park and St Clair
Time Volunteers
8:00 amCallum P (beavers), Zachary MacDonald (beavers), Mateo Gonzalez Diamond (cubs), Isaac Gonzalez Diamond (cubs), Ewan P. (cubs), Warner ,
9:00 amCallum P (beavers), Ewan P. (cubs), Isaac Gonzalez Diamond (cubs), Mateo Gonzalez Diamond (cubs), Warner,
10:00 amKiran s (beavers), Aiya Wrigglesworth (beavers), Naveen s (cubs), Stephanie,
11:00 amNaveen s (cubs), Kiran s (beavers), Aiya Wrigglesworth (beavers), Stephanie,
12:00 pmYoussef al safadi (scouts), Stephanie,
1:00 pmTristan Djang (beavers), Warner,
2:00 pmJake (beavers), Brady Slack (beavers), James,
3:00 pmJake (beavers), Reid (beavers), Avery (cubs), Echo ,
4:00 pmLogan L (beavers), William (beavers), Ben Scammell (beavers), Echo ,
5:00 pmBen Scammell (beavers), Logan L (beavers), William (beavers), Echo ,
LCBO/Tim Hortons at Greenwood and Danforth
Time Volunteers
10:00 amSebastien Audette-Browne (cubs), Max (cubs), Greyson Warr (beavers), Frank Ledson-Randall (cubs), Thomas (beavers), Acorn,
11:00 amFrank Ledson-Randall (cubs), Sebastien Audette-Browne (cubs), Evan Cathcart (cubs), Greyson Warr (beavers), Malcolm LaCroix (beavers), Warner,
12:00 pmEvan Cathcart (cubs), Sebastian Zubacs (cubs), Jenni Cathcart,
1:00 pmSebastian Zubacs (cubs), Evan Cathcart (cubs), Fredeick (beavers), Tic Tac, Tic Tac, Jenni Cathcart,
2:00 pmJames Taylor (cubs), Fredeick (beavers), Shaan Samra-Correia (cubs), Alex Taylor (cubs), Tic Tac, Alam,
3:00 pmSam Hansen (cubs), Julia F (beavers), Riley (cubs), Shaan Samra-Correia (cubs), Dave Hansen, Rusty, Alam,
4:00 pmBilly parlee-khan (cubs), Sam Hansen (cubs), Evan Silver (cubs), Zachary Silver (beavers), Rusty, Dave Hansen, Rusty,
5:00 pmZachary Silver (beavers), Liam Bryson (cubs), Evan Silver (cubs), Billy parlee-khan (cubs), Rusty, Rusty,