91st Toronto Group badge

91st Toronto Beaver Colony


Beaver Uniform at 91st Toronto

Colour Beaver Hats

We are part of a very BIG organization of Scout groups around the world. Our uniform is a Beaver Vest and a Hat. These are the badges that are worn on our uniform here at the 91st to tell everyone exactly who we are and where we come from.

World Scout badge

The is the World badge. It tells everyone that we belong to the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)
Scouts from all over the world belong to this organization with us and wear this badge. Scouts in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Africa, France, Japan, and many other countries all over the world wear this badge to show they are part of the brotherhood of scouting.
This badge should already be on your uniform on the right hand side by your pocket.

Scouts Canada

This is the Scouts Canada Logo. This badge tells everyone that we are part of Scouts Canada.
This is silk screened onto your vest above the left pocket.

Greater Toronto Council badge

Scouts Canada is represented in all Canadian regions. To help with more local programming and resources, Canada is divided into 20 different Councils. We are part of the Greater Toronto Council. Toronto is so big and has so many Scouts that it gets its own council.
You will get this badge at Investiture. It goes on the left side of your vest under the Scouts Canada Logo.

Seton Area badge

Seton is our area. Each council is broken down into Areas. GTC has 9 Areas. Ours is Seton.
You will get this badge at Investiture. It goes in on the right side of your vest below the Group badge.

91st Toronto Group badge

Hooray!! The 91st Toronto Group. That's us. This is our badge that tells everyone that we are the 91st Toronto Scout Group. Only members of our group get this badge. We are sponsored by the Glen Rhodes United Church so their name is on our badge.
Now, this is a very special badge. It is sooo special that you get TWO. We have to make sure that everyone knows who we are. You will get this badge at Investiture. So where do they go? Well, one goes on the right side of your vest in line with the Scouts Canada logo. The other one will be on your necker.

The last two things for our uniform are the necker and the woggle.

91st Toronto Group necker Each group has a unique necker that identifies them from other Scout groups. Our necker is dark green with yellow trim. On the point of the necker is our Group badge.


Beaver woggle

To hold the necker on your neck you use a woggle (or slide). Beavers have their very own woggle. It is blue rubber with a Beaver sitting on it. Now you will notice in the picture the Beaver is sitting up (not laying down) We do not like lazy laying down Beavers, that means we can't be running around and playing. So to keep the Beaver sitting up you have to correctly tie your necker in whiskers. To do this cross the ends of the necker and clasp the woggle over the X that is formed. Beavers are very special in that they are the only section in Scouting that are allowed to wear their neckers in this fashion. All other members of Scouts (even the leaders) have to tie their neckers in the boring old regular way. So wear your whiskers with pride, you lose them when you go on to Cubs.


Here is a picture of where the badges will be when you are finished sewing them on.

Beaver Uniform with badges for the 91st Toronto Group