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Beaver Scout Badge Programme

Badges for Beavers?

The Beaver Law says: "A Beaver has fun, works hard and helps family and friends."

The other age sections in Scouting (Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers) all receive recognition for their hard work, so why shouldn't Beavers as well. Since its inception in 1974, people have spoken about creating a badge programme for Beavers, but it's never made it to the forefront in Canada, as it has elsewhere in the world. Scouts Canada is looking at it seriously now, we should see something in the next couple of years!

Today, we are going to go ahead and offer our Beaver Colony access to a balanced badge programme for Beavers.

What is the point of a Badge Programme?

It is a recognition method, for some of our activities, that adds a new level of constructive development to our program.

For the kids, it is recognition for their work.

For the parents, it is more clearly defined values, wisdom, and experience that we are adding to thier child's growth and development - based on professional and volunteer researched criteria.

For some youth, it is the beginnings of goal setting skills.

For the volunteers, it is a useful and well planned tool to help deliver a solid program.

What is the difference between these badges and camp/event badges?

The "camp badges" that we give out now (and will continue to do), are souvenirs of a visit or an event. THey are intended as a keepsake of the event, where participation is the only requirement, and are not intended to be part of their regular uniform vest. Many put them on a camp blanket, or a wall hanging.

These new badges, (mostly also accomplished as part of group activities) will go on their Beaver vests, showing that they have met the criteria and received the recognition.

Will this not separate or upset Beavers who don't get them?

By design, most of the badges are only accomplised as part of group projects. Therefore, if they are participating, learngin and doing, they will receive it, and no one will be left out. We will at times, exercise a certain amount of flexibility on this topiv, never wanting to exclude anyone. Additionally, there are a few (the Swimmer badge for example) that we really can't do at a meeting, and that a swim teacher will have to sign off on, individually. For the most part, the Beavers do realize that by working hard, they too can receive what the others have.

Can we work on them at home?

Certainly! Some are more applicable than others, but let us know and we will let them share what they have done with the Colony.

What are some of the requirements?

The Badges fall into 3 categories:

  • Activity Badges and Personal Challenge Badges - these support the core activities of a good and balanced program for Beavers (as individuals and as a group) The Personal Challenge Badges are slightly more challenging than the Activity Badges
  • Staged Activity Badges - also support the core activities of the program, but can be built upon as skills and experience grow
  • Challenge Badges, Cornerstone Badges and Challenge Plus Badges - complement a balanced programme. These have been developed to extend Beavers's skills and experience, and will only be done as a group. The Challenges are optional and will be build upon as they grow older and move onto Cubs.