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Beavers at 91st

Colour Beaver Hats

Beavers is a simple, flexible program to meet the needs of children 5, 6 and 7 years old. The theme of the program is based upon beavers and the beaver colony. It focuses on sharing, cooperation and playing in small groups, in harmony with nature. Individual competition and structured achievement are not part of the program.  

For more information on Beavers in Canada click here.

For Beavers this is expressed in the Beaver promise, law, and motto.

I promise to love God and help take care of the world.
A Beaver has fun, works hard, and helps his family and friends.
Sharing, Sharing, Sharing.


The Beaver uniform is brown and blue. These colours symbolize nature:  brown for the earth and the beaver’s fur coat, and blue for the clear sky and the fresh sparkling water. These colours can be seen in all parts of the Beaver uniform which consists of:

  • Blue and brown Beaver hat  (available at the Scout Shop)
  • Beaver Vest (available at the Scout Shop)
  • Group Neckerchief (presented by Colony during Investiture Ceremony)
  • Woggle (presented during Investiture Ceremony)
  • Beaver Tail (presented by Colony during the Tail Ceremony) 

The group necker, Beaver woggle and the tail are presented at no cost, however there is a fee for replacements.

The local scout shop is located: Toronto Scout Shop, 10 Kodiak Cres Unit 120 (Sheppard Ave W and Allen Rd area). There is also a shop in Missasauga, Oshawa and Oakville that may be more convienent. There is also an online Scout Shop. The online shop has a Store Locator to help find additional shop locations.

 The only badges worn on the uniform (see diagram) are:

  • a group badge (91st Toronto), on left chest
  • area badge (Seaton), on the right chest
  • a council badge (Greater Toronto Council), above area badge
  • a World Scout Badge (already on the vest)
  • a lodge badge, on right pocket
  • Service Bars (to indicate years of service), on left pocket

All of these additional badges will be issued during the year at no cost, however there will be a fee for replacements.

Through the course of the year, our Colony will be involved with certain official outings (e.g., Apple Day, Beaveree, Overnight Camp). The Beavers who attend these events will be given a crest commemorating the day. Apply these crests to their campfire blanket or vest only, do not attach them to their uniforms.

Beaver Tails

As part of the uniform, Beavers receive a tail that is attached to the back of their hat. The tails symbolize the age of the Beaver and the growth that each Beaver experiences. Each year a new tail is presented in a Tail Ceremony and the old tail is retired (only one tail is ever worn at a time). There are four tail levels in Beavers: brown, blue, white and white with a magic light. The link provided leads to an explanation of each level. New Beavers start with the tail level appropriate to their age. This also gives leaders a visual reference to the age level of each Beaver.


There are many ceremonies that Beavers participate in to help symbolize their passage through Beavers.

Every meeting Beavers participate in an Opening and Closing ceremony.

At the beginning of the year new Beavers (Kits) are invested into the colony at the Investiture Ceremony. Tails are given out at the Tail Ceremony. Half way through the year, the White Tails receive their Magic Light symbol, which is generally given at a Magic Light Ceremony. Finally, the year ends with the Swim Up Ceremony, where the White Tails say a final goodbye before swimming up to Cubs.

Please read over the descriptions of the ceremonies or ask a leader if you have any questions.

There are many terms that are used at Beavers that you might not have heard before. To help the new and to refresh the memory of the old a Glossary of Beaver Terms can be found here.