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91st Toronto Beaver Colony

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Welcome to the 91st Toronto Beaver Colony

We meet at Glen Rhodes United Church

Tuesday evening 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Our current leaders:

Rusty (Norma)  

Kodiak (Peter)

  Sunshine (Carri)




Beavers is the youngest section in Scouts Canada. It is for boys and girls ages 5 to 7. Check out this information about Beavers at the 91st. What is a Lodge? Who is a Kit? Tail Slaps?? Ever wonder what the strange words that we use mean? Check out the Beaver Terminology.


Beavers wear a vest and a hat. After investiture they also wear the group necker. Check out  the Beaver uniform and where to put all the cool badges that you get. Here is a quick check on where to put the badges on your uniform.

Parent Handbook

For parents, get a copy of the Beaver Parent Handbook . The handbook will give you an overview of the Beaver program, and what to expect during the year. It also has descriptions of the Beaver ceremonies. Don't forget the Beaver promise, law and motto. The leaders need your help teaching the Beavers about Beavering. Beavers is a family section, once your child joins the colony, the whole family joins the colony.

To contact the 91st Toronto Colony email: beavers@91sttoronto.com