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Beaver Tail Levels

Colour Beaver Hats

There are 4 tail levels in Beavers: Brown, Blue, White, and White with Magic Light. Beavers wear a tail in their colour centred at the back of their hat. The tail levels are based on age and not necessarily on the time spent in Beavers. Around halfway though the year, White Tails add a Magic Light to thier tails. Beavers only wear one tail at a time; when they get a new tail, the old tail is retired and removed from the hat.

Age before Jan. 1st Tail Tail Levels (September – May)
5 Years – Kindergarten
Discovery & Growing (Brown)

BROWN represents the colour of the beaver’s fur, also the earth, on which we live and in which things grow. It can remind the Beavers of their responsibility to help take care of the world. It can also be seen as the time of discovery, when the Beaver is entering a new phase in life and exploring a broader world beyond the confines of family and close friends.

6 Years - Grade 1
Building & Exploring (Blue)

BLUE represents the sky and water and symbolizes the immense opportunities to explore now opened to the Beaver, whose abilities are expanding and changing.

7 Years - Grade 2
Busy Beaver (White) (Sept - ~Jan)

WHITE links Eager Beavers to Tender Pads (Cubs). It is the colour of the moon and stars, which give us light to help us find our way through the darkness of the night and symbolizes distant goals, seemingly far away, but attainable.

7 Years - Grade 2

Busy Beaver (White with Northern Lights Symbol) (~Jan - May)

About halfway through the year, a "Northern Lights" Symbol is added to the White Tail to show that the Busy Beaver is very close to becoming a Tender Pad. This is the final tail level for all Beavers and helps signal final preparations for swimming up to Cubs. It also indicates that the Beaver is on their Norhtern Lights Quest towards their North Star Award.