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During your time with Scouting you may hear a few words that do not make much sense. They do make sense, just not to the outside world. So here are a few words that confuse first timers, so don't feel alone. We were all first timers at one point.

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Activity Leader
A person 14 or 15 years of age who is a member of the Leadership Team of a Colony or Pack
The father wolf in The Jungle Book
A nick name for one of the Pack Scouters, usually the Cubmaster.
A support division of a Council in Scouts Canada
Assistant Patrol Leader
A Scout who helps the Patrol Leader and takes over is his absence
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Lord Robert Stevenson Smyth Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting
A cloth emblem representative of a person's development
Anything representative of such
Badge scheme
The system of badges which recognize progressive development of Scouts
The bear in The Jungle Book
A nick name for one of the Pack Scouters
Be Prepared
The Scout Motto
A youth member of the Beaver section, usually 5-7 years of age
A large gathering of Beavers
Beavers' Own
A Scouts' Own for Beavers
Blue Tail
The tail worn be six year old Beavers
Any Beaver wearing a Blue Tail
breaking the flag
Causing a national flag to fly free from the bundle in which it was tied. Done at the opening of an event or every morning at camp
Brown Tail
The tail worn by five year old Beavers
Any Beaver wearing a Brown Tail
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A gathering of Scouts, usually around a fire, to have fun by singing, acting, telling jokes, and hearing stories. Campfires usually end with a Scouter's Five.
campfire blanket
A blanket worn or wrapped around oneself at campfires. Most Scouts sew event crests on their campfire blanket. Many blankets are designed to be worn as robes
A large gathering of Scouts from any section
Challenge Badge
Any of the circular badges that a Scout may earn
Chief Scout's Award
The highest award available to a Scout. It follows three years of active participation in the troop program, during which time the Scout has the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and interests, ranging from citizenship and leadership, to camping and woodcraft. This award is presented by the Lieutenant-Governor at an annual ceremony. This award and the Queen's Venturer Award replace the old Queen's Scout Award that was part of the pre-1968 Scouting program.
Church Parade
A Church Service designed for Scouts. Usually includes the Scouts parading into the church with their flags
Canadian Jamboree. This event is run as a nine-day camp. It is held every four years and rotates among three locations in Western, Central, and Eastern Canada. CJ '01 was held at Cabot Park, on the north shore of Prince Edward Island.
The name for a section of Beavers. A Beaver Colony
Colony Scouter
A Scouter associated with a Beaver Colony
The Scouter with overall responsibility for the operation of a council
The name for a section of Venturers. A Venturer Company
Contact Beaver Leader
The Colony Scouter with primary responsibility for the section; the contact person
Core Badge
Any of the four two-level badges in the Scout badge system in Scouts Canada
core program
A part of a Scout program that is used every year
A requirement for one of the core badges in the Scouts Canada Scout badge system
An organizational unit of Scouts Canada. These are divided into Areas
Court of Honour
A gathering of Patrol Leaders and possible Assistant Patrol Leaders to decide issues of importance to the troop. Also used by other sections. Sometimes called Patrol Leaders' Council or Sixers' Council
In the Boy Scouts of America, the ceremony during which ranks are granted
A cloth emblem representative of an event, place or person
The name for a section of Rovers. A Rover Crew
A Wolf Cub
The Pack Scouter with primary responsibility for the section; the contact person
A large gathering of Wolf Cubs
Cubs' Own
A Scouts' Own for Wolf Cubs
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Duty to God
One of Scouting's three Principles: Adherence to spiritual principles, loyalty to the religion that expresses them, and acceptance of the duties resulting there from
Duty to Others
One of Scouting's three Principles: Loyalty to one's country in harmony with the promotion of local, national, and international peace, understanding, and cooperation. Participation in the development of society, with recognition and respect for the dignity of one's fellow man and the natural world
Duty to Self
One of Scouting's three Principles: Responsibility for the development of oneself
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Executive Director
The paid staff member responsible for administering the affairs of a Scout council
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A piece of cloth which is representative of a country, section or other jurisdiction
Flag break
An important observance at the opening of a Pack, Troop, or Company gathering, during which the flag of Canada is broken and saluted. The national anthem is often sung.
Formal campfire
A carefully planned campfire with a marked beginning and end
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Any spiritual figure around which one centers one's spirituality
The summation of one's spiritual principles
gone home
Among the Scoutcraft skills that Baden Powell taught to his boys was a system of trail markings and signs you could leave to communicate to others on the trail. One of these was a circle with a single spot in the center, used to indicate that the hiker had gone home. Such a symbol was placed on Baden-Powell's gravestone, and since then, "gone home" has been used in the Scouting community to refer to someone who has died.
Grand Howl
Part of the opening ceremony at a Cub meeting.
A group includes all of the sections (colonies, packs, troops, companies, and crews) that are sponsored by one sponsor. They usually meet in a building provided by the sponsor. Youth completing any level of the Scouting program normally move on to a section at the next level in the same group.
Group Committee
Each sponsor of a Scout Group must have in place a committee whose mandate it is to oversee and support the Group by providing meeting space, recruiting and screening leaders, and handling all registrations. Group Committees are also ultimately responsible for overseeing and coordinating fundraising events.
Over the past several years, something of a convergence has occurred between the administrative side and the program side of Scouting, in that Group Committee members must be interviewed and screened just as section Scouters are. And while it is entirely possible they may have had no actual Scouting experience, they are full members of Scouts Canada and are entitled to wear the uniform.
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The formation in which Scouts normally assemble in their Troop meetings, for flag break, announcements, and so on.
horizontal patrol
A patrol comprising of Scouts who are of similar age, school grade, and year in the program. Sometimes called a peer patrol. These are contrary to the Scout Method, though sometimes necessary depending on the enrolment of the troop
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The ceremony by which a new youth or adult, who has completed certain minimum requirements, is declared ready to become an active member of a Scouting section, and is formally accepted.
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A term originating in the days of Baden-Powell, for a large gathering of Scouts. The first jamboree was a world-wide gathering held in England.
jump up
The ceremony whereby older Cubs advance to Scouts.
Jungle Book, The
Rudyard Kipling's story The Jungle Book.
The story on which Wolf Cubs is based
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A Wolf Cub who is on the Leadership Team of a Beaver Colony. This person assists in linking the Colony with the Pack
A Scout who is on the Leadership Team of a Wolf Cup Pack. This person assists in linking the Pack with the Troop
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A Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, Sixer, Second, Activity Leader, or other person who provides leadership to others.
Leadership Team
The group of people directly responsible for running a unit. This includes the section Scouters and youth leadership, such as a Senior Patrol Leader
The process by which members of one section become members of the next
A small group of Beavers of mixed ages
lowering the flag
Lowering the flag from its pole to mark the end of an event or day
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Magic Light
A yellow or silver strip that is worn on the White Tail to indicate that the Beaver is soon to move to Wolf Cubs
The popular name for a refreshment and energy break at Scout camps, generally after an outdoor activity such as a formal evening campfire. The name may have something to do with the practice of Scouts going through the hot chocolate line-up with their mugs, and being told by their Scouters who are pouring, "Hold your mug up!", shortened to "mug up!". This explanation has not been authoritatively substantiated, but it's as good as any
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National Scout Organization
A Scout association that represents the Scout Movement of a country to the World Organization of the Scout Movement
Abbr. neckerchief
Often shortened to 'necker'. A piece of cloth in the shape of an isosceles triangle worn about the neck and closed with a woggle or neckerchief slide. A special neckerchief fabric and design is used for Wood Badge II recognition, and for certain other roles in Scouting. Many Scout Groups have their own colour scheme custom-made locally. 91st Toronto's neckerchief design is green with yellow trim
night hike
A hike which happens during the night
North Star Award
The highest award earned by a Beaver Scout. It follows up to three years of active participation in the Colony program, during which time the Beaver Scout has the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and interests, ranging from citizenship and leadership, to camping and woodcraft.
Northern Lights Quest
The process by which a White Tail Beaver Scout earns their North Star Award
Northern Lights Tail
A special tail presented to White Tail Beaver Scouts to indicate that the Beaver Scout is soon to move to Cub Scouts and has started on their Northern Lights Quest.
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overnight hike
A hike which is punctuated by overnight sleeping
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The name for a section of Wolf Cubs. A Wolf Cub Pack
Pack Scouter
A Scouter associated with a Wolf Cub Park
Pathfinder Scout
One of the personal progression levels of a Scout: Pioneer, Voyageur, Pathfinder, Trailblazer
A small group of Scouts of mixed ages. A Scout Troop is made up of several patrols
Patrol Leader
The member of a Patrol who is responsible for leading the patrol
Patrol Leaders' Council
See Court of Honour
Pioneer Scout
The first of four personal progression levels of a Scout, along with Voyageur, Pathfinder and Trailblazer. Accorded to a Scout upon personal progression review after approximately a year of active scouting with the troop.
Duty to God, Duty to Other, Duty to Self
The moral precepts of Scouting
The entirety of activities undertake by a section
A series of words said by a member to affirm dedication to the Principles of Scouting. Must be said at an investiture
Purpose of Scouting
To contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual potentials as individuals, responsible citizens, and as members of their local, national, and international communities.
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The formation of two wavy lines made by Beavers when preparing for an opening or closing.
A youth member of the Rover section, usually 18-26 years of age
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Any member of the Scout Movement
A youth member of the Scout section, usually 11-14 years of age
Any person who is dedicated to Scouting's Principles
Scout Group
Several associated sections. Groups should have one of each section. At the 91st Toronto Scout Group we have a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack and Scout Troop.
Scout Method
The means used or the steps followed to fulfill the purpose of Scouting
Scout Movement
All individuals and associations who direct their actions towards fulfilling the purpose and principles of Scouting, or who live the principles of Scouting
Scout-Guide Week
The week in February when Scouts and Guides remember the founder, B-P
A volunteer member of Scouting who operates a Scouting program or supports other Scouters.
Scouter's Five
A short story or metaphor with a spiritual message
A person 16 or 17 year of age associated with a Colony, Pack, or Troop who is in training to become a Scouter
Scouters' Own
A Scouts' Own for Scouters
A voluntary non-political educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race, class, or creed, in accordance with the purpose, principles, and method conceived by Lord Baden Powell.
Scouts' Own
A gathering of Scouts held to help them develop their spirituality and a fuller understanding of the Scout Law.
A Scouts' Own for Scouts.
A group of youth members and their Scouters which meets together on a regular basis: Beaver Colony, Wolf Cub Pack, Scout Troop, Venturer Company, or Rover Crew
section Scouter
A Scouter who works directly with a section
Senior Patrol Leader
An older Scout who provides leadership to the Patrol Leaders. Usually one who has been a Patrol Leader before
Service Stripes
Small cloth stripes worn to indicate home many years one has been a member of the Scout Movement. Silver indicates one year, gold five
Service Team
Support Team
Neckerchief slide. See woggle
small group
A group of about five to eight youth members. Colonies, Packs, and Troops are divided into small groups as Lodges, Sixes, and Patrols, respectively. Scouting activities are centred around small groups.
spiritual principle
An element around which one lives one's life or develops their spiritual side.
Support Team
A group of Scouters, usually operating at the district level, who help section Scouters do their job.
swim up
The ceremony whereby older Beavers advance to Cubs
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One of three different beaver tail-shaped insignias worn on the back of a Beaver's hat to indicate the Beaver's age.
The name for a section of Scouts. A Scout Troop.
Troop Scouter
A Scouter associated with a Scout Troop.
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The clothing that a Scout wears while participating in Scouting activities.
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A youth member of the Venturer section, usually 14-17 years of age.
vertical patrol
A patrol comprising Scouts from all ages, usually with the older Scouts holding position of PL and APL. Sometimes called a family patrol.
Voyageur Scout
The second of four personal progression levels of a Scout, along with Pioneer, Pathfinder and Trailblazer.
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White Tail
The tail worn by seven-year-old Beavers.
Any Beaver wearing a White Tail.
White Tail camp
A camp for White Tail Beavers, that is, Beavers in their third year who are preparing to advance to Cubs
A decorative tube through which both ends of a rolled neckerchief are passed so that it can be worn around the neck.
Anything used to hold a neckerchief in place.
A neckerchief slide. There is a long tradition of Scouters carving or creating their own distinctive designs from various materials. On the other hand, the Scout Shop has woggles in the colour of each Section. A special woven woggle is presented to Scouters upon the completion of Wood Badge I training.
Wolf Cub
A youth member of the Wolf Cub section, usually 8-10 years of age.
The system of Scouter training.
Woodbadge Beads.
A Woodbadge course.
Woodbadge Beads
A necklace with two, three, or four wooden beads representative of Woodbadge training.
Woodbadge Part I
Woodbadge Basic
The first of two levels of Woodbadge training. Usually a weekend-long course followed by application.
Woodbadge Part II
Woodbadge Advanced
The second of two levels of Woodbadge training. Usually a week-long course followed by application.
World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)
World Organization of Scouting Movements. Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization responsible for coordinating the Scout Movement worldwide.
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Native tribe of Africa, whose chief Dinizulu gave B.-P. his necklace of wooden beads as a token of surrender. These beads would later be used as a design for the Woodbadge beads.
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