91st Toronto Scout Group

Our Group 

91st Toronto Scout Group is part of Scouts Canada. 

Our Scout Group is sponsored by East End United Regional Ministry, Glen Rhodes Campus at 1470 Gerrard St E, Toronto, Ontario. We currently offer programs for ages 5 to 14. We have a strong group of well trained and enthusiastic Volunteer Scouters who facilitate stimulating programs for the youth every week. We go on camps, take part in exciting activities and learn life skills that help make our youth better citizens.

Our Sections

Scout Groups are made up of Sections. Members are divided into Sections based on ages:

Beaver Scouts (age 5-7) meet either Tuesdays or Thursdays from 7:00-8:00PM at Bowmore Public School (Junior Gym)

Cub Scouts (age 8-10) meet on Mondays from 6:45-8:15PM at Duke of Connaught Public School Temporarily Closed - Currently seeking Adult Volunteers to train as leaders for this section - see How to Volunteer tab

Scouts (age 11-14) meet on Mondays from 6:45-8:45PM at Bowmore Public School (Junior Gym)

Section Scouters oversee the meetings and work with youth to plan the agendas and are referred to by their Scouting names. When Scouters are in uniform, parents should feel free to address them as Scouter and their first name (i.e. Scouter John), or by their Scouter Name (i.e. Rusty, Akela, etc in the Colony or Pack).

Group Committee

Group Committee is a group of volunteers who help support the Sections to have safe and exciting adventures throughout the year. Some positions take more of a commitment but any help is welcome.

Our Year

We start our year in September and end regular meetings in May/June of the following year, although there are often activities into the summer as well. There may be changes to the schedule due to holidays. 


For 2021-22 Scouting year, Registration opened in September for the 2022 Membership year. Registering is for the full year of January to December 2022.  This amount is set by Scouts Canada and the full amount is forwarded to Scouts Canada. To register you can use the online system using the "Join" feature on Scouts Canada website. To easily find 91st Toronto, you can enter the postal code of our sponsor: M4L 2A3. For new members, you will need to create an account with MyScouts, our membership registration system. (Note: accounts are only created for parents, youth members do not have their own login until they are 18, or if they become a Volunteer Scouter at 14+ they can be separated from their parents to be able to login for training and screening)


Dues vary by Section and cover the general costs of items required. The amount is determined by the Section. Payment method is set by the Section and explained when you enroll.


We have a few fundraising activities each year in order to help reduce the costs to parents. We ask that all youth and families participate to the best of their ability in order to help keep their costs low.

Apple Day

Apple Day is in October, typically the weekend after Thanksgiving. Youth are asked to be available to collect donations at designated locations in our area. Youth should be in full uniform and dressed appropriately to be outside. As a thank you for a donation, an apple is given to each donor. Each youth is asked to provide one to two hours of their time, but are welcome to participate longer if they wish.

Christmas Tree Lot

Each December we run a Christmas Tree Lot located at Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church, 2029 Gerrard St E to sell Christmas Trees to the community. The Tree Lot is open on weekday evenings, all day Saturday in three shifts and on Sunday afternoons in two shifts. We ask that parents and families help to man the Tree Lot for a shift or two.

Scout Coffee

Scouts Canada and Equator Coffee Roasters have teamed up to offer some really, truly good coffee! Our Group is participating in this initiative which we expect to be an on-going campaign.

To buy Coffee and support the 91st Toronto Group check out the Scout Coffee site and choose "91st Toronto Group" at check out!

Scout Popcorn

Scouts Canada and Papa Jacks Popcorn have teamed up to offer a wide variety of popcorn products. Our Group is participating in this initiative which typically consists of time limited Spring and Fall campaigns.

To buy Popcorn and support the 91st Toronto Group check out the Scout Popcorn site and choose "91st Toronto Group" at check out!

Woodland Trails Maple Syrup

Pefferlaw Creek Farms has been tapping Maple Trees in Durham and York Regions, include trees at Woodland Trails Scout Camp for a number of years. Out Group has acquired several cases of the certified organic product.

The syrup is available in 500 mL bottles for $15.00 and is typically sold at the Christmas Tree Lot while it is open. The syrup can also be ordered year round by emailing: maple@91sttoronto.com

Scout Seeds

Scouts Canada and Make it Sow have teamed up to offer a variety of seed kits to allow customers to have fun learning more about growing their own garden. This is typically a time limited campaign in the Spring.

To buy Seeds and support the 91st Toronto Group check out the Scout Seeds site and choose "91st Toronto Group" at check out!

Camps, Events, Activities

These are held at various locations, times and dates. We will try to have information available well in advance. Costs for camps and events are minimal, mainly covering food, facilities, etc. Other events can include Remembrance Day, Parades, etc. Some events are for Parents too, so we hope to see you!


Scouts Canada is a uniformed organization. We ask that all members wear complete uniforms for all events, unless otherwise specified. Uniform materials are available online at ScoutShop.ca.