Beaver Scouts on the Canadian Path

Beaver Scouts is the youngest section and the start of our journey along the Canadian Path.

The POND is where it all begins!

Beaver Pond Map

Working closely with Scouters, Beaver Scouts will look at the map of their Pond to help them chart their course for the year.

After every activity Beaver Scouts will gather and talk about what they learned and what they can do next.

The Beaver Scout Map of the Pond contains many places to explore:

Program Areas

Ringtail's Hollow

Adventures in this Program Area include exploring, hiking, camping, paddling and other ways of enjoying the outdoors and learning to care for the planet.

Join Ringtail the raccoon in exploring, hiking and enjoying the outdoors, learning how to take care of our surroundings and leaving no trace.

Rascal's River

Adventures in this Program Area include singing songs, dancing, telling stories, drawing pictures and making things - anything that shares your imagination with others.

Jump into Rascal the otter's river of personal interests. Share what you love to do and explore the creative expressions of others in your Colony.

Malak's Maple

This Program Area is all about teaching new games and skills to your friends, setting a good example for your fellow Beaver Scouts and bring a good team member.

Meet Malak the owl at the old oak tree to learn about and practice the skills of being good leaders in the Colony and in our community.

Rusty's Meadow

Adventures in this Program Area are all about playing, having fun and being active while making habits for happy and healthy living.

Find Rusty the fox in the meadow playing, having fun, exercising and learning about living a healthy and happy life.

Big Brown Beaver's Lodge

This Program Area is all about becoming a kind and helpful member of your local community, Canada and world.

Swim into Big Brown Beaver's Lodge and learn from Big Brown's wisdom about being good citizens in our community, country and world.

Rainbow's Reflection

This Program Area is all about forming healthy attitudes and exploring the cultures and faiths that make up our communities, our nation and our world.

Spend time under Rainbow. Think about our own values and beliefs, explore diversity of cultures and faiths that make up our communities and our world.

Other Map Locations

Tic Tac's Camp

Here Tic Tac the squirrel will help you track how many Nights at camp and Hikes you have completed while exploring the other areas of the map.

Akela's Jungle: Linking

Beaver Scouts are not alone on the Canadian Path. Visit with the Cub Scouts in the Jungle, or the Scout Troop trailblazing across Canada, or maybe a Venturer Scout or two will help you climb to the summit of an adventure. A Rover Scout may even paddle a canoe to show you new places to explore. 

Adventures here include youth from other Sections joining in the Adventure to show Beaver Scouts they are not alone along the Canadian Path.

Hawkeye's Campfire: Ceremonies

Songs, skits, stories and ceremonies, Hawkeye will help you track the special ceremonies that have taken place while you were a Beaver Scout.

Echo's Mountain: Outdoor Adventure Skills

Outdoor Adventure Skills program is all about getting outside to explore and enjoy nature.
Echo the bat will help you track the Outdoor Adventure Skills stages you have completed during your adventures. There are 9 Outdoor Adventure Skills pathways, each of which has 9 stages. Your map will track how many of the first 3 stages you have completed.

Aurora's Northern Lights: Northern Lights Quest

Northern Lights Tail

Beaver Scouts in their final year will work independently or together on their Northern Lights Quest to achieve their Top Section Award - North Star Award.

The Northern Lights Ceremony marks the beginning of the Beaver Scout Northern Lights Quest, where the Beaver Scout will receive their Northern Lights Tail which symbolizes the start of the Quest. The map will show they have completed: 1. the personal progression review, including 5 service hours completed; 2. the required number of Outdoor Adventure Skills are completed; and 3. Service Project completed. And finally the Swim-up Ceremony to symbolize the Beaver Scout has completed their journey at the Pond and is ready to begin the next part of the journey along the Canadian Path: joining the Cub Scout Pack in the Jungle as a new Cub Scout.

North Star Award: Top Section Award

North Star Award

The North Star Award is the top award you can receive while in Beaver Scouts. You will receive the award when you complete the following requirements: Personal Progression Review, Service Hours, Outdoor Adventure Skills, North Star Award Project. 

Your Journey

You will spend 3 years in Beaver Scouts (5-7 yrs old). Each year you will have a different role in the Colony. Your role is indicated by the colour of the tail you wear from your hat.

Brown Tail

Brown Tail

First-year Beaver Scouts (5 yr olds) are known as "Brown Tails". They learn from the older Beaver Scouts how to belong in the Colony and discover great new adventures.

Blue Tail

Blue Tail Badge

Second-year Beaver Scouts (6 yr olds) are know as "Blue Tails". They help the Brown Tails to feel at home in the Colony.

White Tail

White Tail Badge

Third-year Beaver Scouts (7 yr olds) are know as "White Tails". They are the leaders of the Colony. They help plan and organize meetings and adventures with a helping hand form the Colony Scouters.

Personal Achievement Badges

The Personal Achievement Badges are a way to explore your own interests in your own way. There are 16 Personal Achievement Badges available to Beaver Scouts. Beaver Scouts will set their own requirements, with support of the Scouters, for the PAB they would like to earn during their time at the Pond.