Outdoor Adventure Skills

Outdoor Adventure Skills

What are Outdoor Adventure Skills?

Outdoor Adventure Skills are an invitation for Scouts of all ages to try something new - to be outside more, testing themselves with progressive challenges while staying within the capabilities to stay safe. In short, it's about having life changing experiences.


Each Outdoor Adventure Skills pathway is divided into 9 stages with a badge awarded for each stage. However, the purpose is not the badge, but rather, the skills should be seen as tools to support the Plan-Do-Review process.


What are the different Pathways?

There are 9 different Outdoor Adventure Skills that each have 9 stages.

The 9 skill pathways are:

  • Camping Skills
  • Emergency Aid Skills
  • Paddling Skills
  • Scoutcraft Skills
  • Trail Skills
  • Aquatic Skills
  • Vertical Skills
  • Winter Skills
  • Sailing Skills


Who can participate in the Outdoor Adventure Skills?

All youth, from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts, can participate in the Outdoor Adventure Skills. The lower stages are geared to be achievable by the youngest Beaver Scouts, where the highest stages are geared to take more skills, experiences and knowledge that are gained as an older Scout (typically a Rover Scout).


Are the stages supposed to be satisfied in a certain section?

No. The Outdoor Adventure Skills are about personal progression and does not focus on the section or age of a youth. For example, a Beaver Scout or a Venturer Scout could be working towards the same stage of an Outdoor Adventure Skill pathway at the same time. While a Beaver Scout would naturally start at stage 1 and move through the stages during his or her time in Scouting, a new Venturer Scout with no Scouting experience would also be expected to start at stage 1 and move up. 


Does a youth member have to achieve all competencies in order to move on to the next stage?

Yes, youth members much complete all of the competencies outlined in the respective stage of the Outdoor Adventure Skill.


Do youth choose the Outdoor Adventure Skill they are working towards?

Yes, youth members get to choose what skill pathway they explore. Since Youth-led is a key element of the Canadian Path program, obviously Scouters let them choose!


Do youth need to complete all of the competencies through Scouting activities?

No, youth can participate in activities outside of Scouting to satisfy competencies.