How to Volunteer


The first step to Volunteering is to put in your Application. This is done through the Scouts Canada MyScouts website.

Login or create your MyScouts account at



You will need to choose the "Volunteer" link from the left menu under Member Options which will take you to



Enter your Postal Code. Choose the Age Group you want to volunteer with (e.g., Beavers, Cubs, Scouts). You can leave all the nights selected unless you happen to know the Section's meeting day. Click Find Groups.

Find your Section



Just under the map, find "91st Toronto Group". Check that it is the correct section you wish to Volunteer with. (Depending on the Postal Code we may not be the first one on the list) Click on "REGISTER AS A VOLUNTEER". NOTE: You will need 5 references ready (with email contacts) to complete the next steps.

Group Map



The first screen will ask you to confirm your registration year. (Between May and August, you are able to choose "this year" to start right away or "September start" to start in September with the new Scouting Year)

If more than one name appears choose MYSELF. Complete all missing/required information in the pop-up profile form. Then click "CONFIRM AND CONTINUE"

Unless you are the lead Scouter for the section, select "[SECTION TYPE] SCOUTER". A Contact Scouter is the lead organizer of the section. Section Types are Colony for Beavers, Pack for Cubs, Troop for Scouts, Company for Venturers and Crew for Rovers. Click ADD ROLE.

Confirm Role



Select Yes from the drop down menu for the 4 mandatory Terms and Conditions. Type your full name and select Yes form the drop down at the bottom to electronically sign your Application. Click CONTINUE TO REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION

Electronically sign your application

You will need to add 5 References. You will need names and emails of 5 people including: A co-worker or workplace supervisor, a youth-serving organization colleague and others who can attest to your character. Family members may not be used as references.



After you have completed the Application you will be asked to sign the Code of Conduct. This will show up electronically on your MyScouts account. If it does not show up right away, sign out and login again and it should be the landing screen which you have to accept in order to continue into your MyScouts profile. 



Once your Application has been submitted, you will be contacted by the Group to arrange for an in-person Interview to confirm that you are willing to accept the role and determine your suitability to the role.



To volunteer with Scouts Canada, you must undergo both a Police Record Check and a Vulnerable Sector Screening. This must be done even if it has been completed elsewhere (e.g., at school, hockey coach)

The form can be downloaded from the Scouts Toronto Website

The form MUST be printed on Legal Size Paper 

Complete the form and bring to the next meeting to be witnessed by your Section Scouter or Group Commissioner. They will submit the form on your behalf and pay the $20 fee.

The form will be returned to your address by mail (generally within 4-6 weeks). At that time, you will need to bring the original form back to your Section Scouter or Group Commissioner so that they can take it to our Council Office for validation.



To volunteer with Scouts Canada, you must complete two online training components: Scouting Fundamentals and Wood Badge 1 for the Canadian Path. Each is about 5-7 hours and is divided into sub-modules that can be done all at once or over the course of a few weeks.

To be active so you can wear the uniform, you must complete Scouting Fundamentals. You then have the remainder of the Scouting Year to complete Wood Badge 1 for the Canadian Path.

To access your training modules, login to your 

Click on the DAVID HUESTIS Learning Centre button on the left side.

Learning Centre button

This will open the your learning gateway in a new window. The Learning Centre contains all training modules available from Scouts Canada - both mandatory and optional courses.

On your learning gateway, scroll down to the Volunteer Ready tab. The required training for Scouting Fundamentals will be found here. Click on each to begin the training component. If you have issues having a session register as completed, please reach out for help.

DAVID HUESTIS Learning Centre

One of the sessions will take you to the Respect in Sport platform to complete the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders training course. If you have completed the course previously you can enter your certificate number and be credited for completion. This course needs to be validated every 5 years. So if your certificate is older, you will be required to take the course again.



If you have questions during the process, feel free to reach out the your Section Scouter or Group Commissioner. We are more than willing to help walk you through any steps that may be confusing or not cooperating.