Beaver Scout Uniform

Beaver Scout Uniform at 91st Toronto Beaver Scout Colony

We are a part of a very BIG Organization of Scout groups across Canada and around the world. Our uniform has a number of badges that tell everyone who we are and where we come from.



The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) Badge

WOSM Badge

This badge tells everyone that we belong to the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). WOSM is made up of 164 National Scout Organizations, located in 224 countries and territories around the world.

This badge should already be on your uniform vest.


Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada Logo

We belong to the National Scout Organization in Canada called Scouts Canada. The Scouts Canada logo is on the front of your vest to let everyone know we are a part of Scouts Canada. There is also a Canadian Flag on your uniform to show that we are from Canada.


Greater Toronto Council

Greater Toronto Council Badge

Scouts Canada is represented in all Canadian regions. To help with more local programming and resources, Canada is divided into 20 Councils. Our Council is the Greater Toronto Council. The City of Toronto is so big and has so many Scouts that we have our own Council.

You will receive this badge at the Investiture Ceremony. It goes on your vest on the left side under the Scouts Canada logo.


Seton Area

Seton Area Crest

Each Council is further sub-divided into Areas. In GTC there are 9 Areas. Our Area is Seton. Seton covers the area of Toronto from Bayview Ave in the west to Victoria Park Ave in the east and from Lake Ontario to the south to Eglinton Ave in the north.
You will receive this badge at the Investiture Ceremony. It goes on your vest on the right side inline with the Council badge that is on the left.


91st Toronto Scout Group

91st Toronto Group Crest

Hooray!! The 91st Toronto Scout Group! That's us! This is our special badge that tells everyone that we are the 91st Toronto Scout Group. Only members of our Group get this badge. We are sponsored by the Glen Rhodes United Church, so their name is on our badge. This is a very special badge, so special that you get to wear TWO. We have to make sure everyone knows who we are!
You will receive this badge at the Investiture Ceremony. One goes on your vest on the right side inline with the Scouts Canada logo, above the Seton Area badge. The second badge will be our you necker that you will also receive at the Investiture Ceremony.


Lodge Patch

Our Colony is fairly big. When we have more than about 10 Beaver Scouts we will have special small groups called Lodges. Each Lodge is identified by a different Lodge Patch. 

You will receive this badge at the Investiture Ceremony. It goes on your vest on the right pocket.


Service Stripes

For every year you are a member of Scouts Canada you will receive a service stripe. There are two types of stripes: silver for 1 year and gold for 5 year. This count continues as you move through the sections and when you become a Scouter. A Beaver Scout who starts at 5 years old will acquire 3 silver service stripes for their time in Beavers when then swim up to Cub Scouts.


Necker and Woggle

91st Toronto Scout Group Necker

91st Toronto Group Necker

Each Group has a unique necker (scarf) that identifies them from other Scout Groups. Our necker is dark green with yellow trim. On the point of the necker is our Group badge
You will receive your necker at the Investiture Ceremony. Kits do not wear neckers. Once a Beaver Scout has made their promise and been formally welcomed to the Group they will wear the Group necker. All Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Scouters in our Group wear the same necker to show we all belong to the 91st Toronto Scout Group, even if our uniforms are slightly different, we all still belong to the same family.


Beaver Scout Woggle

To hold the necker on your neck you use a woggle (or slide). Beaver Scouts wear their woggle differently than all other members of Scouting. To keep with the Beaver Scout theme of the beaver, Beaver Scouts are given "whiskers" by criss-crossing the ends of the necker and clasping the woggle over the X that is formed. All other members of Scouting (even Scouters) have to wear their neckers in the boring old regular way, hanging down the front. So wear your whiskers with pride, you lose them when you swim up to Cub Scouts.


Beaver Scout Uniform