Beaver Terminology

Beaver Hand Signal
Scouter's arm straight up with hand forming Beaver salute. This signals Beavers to stop everything they are doing and pay attention to the Scouter.
Beaver Salute
Special sign of greeting, like a peace sign made with bent fingers. It represents the two front teeth of a beaver.
Beaver Position
Sitting cross-legged.
Big Brown Beaver
A large toy Beaver mascot used in ceremonies.
Blue Tail Beaver
A 6 year old Beaver who wears a Blue Tail on their Hat.
Brown Tail Beaver
A 5 year old Beaver who wears a Brown Tail on their Hat.
Busy Beaver
Seven year old Beavers who are getting ready to swim up to Wolf Cubs.
Chopping Position
Squatting down with elbows on knees, both hands making a Beaver Salute.
The entire group of Beavers.
Dam Formation
Circle formation made by joining the ends of the riverbanks.
Eager Beaver
A Kit who has learned the Promise, Law and Salute and the opening, closing and investiture ceremonies. An invested Beaver.
Investiture Ceremony
A ceremony that officially welcome Kits into the Colony. At this ceremony Kits become Eager Beavers and are given neckers and all badge for the uniform that identify each member of our group
A child who has not yet been invested as a Beaver.
A small group of 4 to 6 Beavers.
Lodge Patch
A felt beaver shape worn on the right hand vest pocket as a sign of identification and belonging.
Lodging Position
Same as Beaver Position
Scarf that identifies members of a group. The 91st necker is green with yellow trim.
North Star Award
Top Section Award for Beaver Scouts. This capstone award is earned by completing 4 steps as part of the Northern Lights Quest: a personal progression review, achieving Outdoor Adventure Skill stages, completing a personally challenging project and participating in volunteer community service.
Northern Lights Quest
Journey for White Tails in order to work towards their North Star Award.
Northern Lights Symbol
Symbol added to the White Tail halfway through the Beaver year to symbolize a Beaver on their Northern Lights Quest
Personal Achievement Badge
16 Badges available to Beavers to earn by setting personally challenging goals and completing 3 adventures.
Personal Progression Badge
Badge to represent the tail level completed and showing personal progression of the Beaver Scout through the Beaver program.
The meeting place.
River Banks
A formation in which the Beavers stand in two wavy lines, facing each other, about three feet apart.
Volunteer helping with the Colony who is 14+ years old and has completed the screening and training with Scouts Canada.
Tail Level
Indicates age of Beaver through a tail worn at the back of the Beaver hat. Four levels: Brown (5 years), Blue (6 years), White (7 years), White with Northern Lights Symbol (7 1/2 years). Only one tail is worn at a time
Tail Slap
Part of the Opening; clapping hands behind your back imitating a Beaver slapping its tail.
White Tail Beaver
A 7 year old Beaver who wears a White Tail on their Hat.